Re-skim / Re-skimming

Often when stripping wall paper, replacing wall tiles during redecorating people find the walls or ceiling behind are often cracked, damaged, feature loose plaster, are damp or uneven etc, Having a re-skim done in your property will ensure that the décor you are introducing is best achieved by having flat, smooth walls andceilings with nice crisp edges. This will provide a more satisfying and problem free living space and help increasing the selling or renting value of the property.

Re-skimmingAfter we have re-vamped your property by plastering to the highest standards, you will need to wait 1-2 weeks for the plaster to completely dry out, after which it will be ready to be painting with a watered down coat of paint. This is important because the fresh plaster will absorb all of the moisture from the paint & will cause it to crack.

Prices – range from £120 - £650 per room. Price dependant on size of room and how much preparation is required before plastering.

Skimming over Artex

This is the best method for getting rid of Artex (more info) or other textured surfaces, without replacing the ceiling. It is basically the same as a re-skim, but takes more preparation and may also need a coat of Bonding plaster to level the surface before skimming.

Prices – range between £15 - £235 per metre sq.(average of £260 per ceiling). Price dependant on size of room and how much preparation is required before plastering.

Plasterboarding (Dry lining)

Plasterboards are fitted to dividing walls and ceilings. Where in the property the plasterboards are being hung, will determine the type of plasterboard you need.

For example in a bathroom the type of board you require is called Moisture board, which is suited to the damp conditions found in rooms or areas exposed to steam.

Soundproof boards, can be used to help reduce sound traveling through the property.

Fire Shield board is used for kitchen ceilings and other areas where the risk of fire is higher. In addition there are also many different types of boards used for areas being tiled.

Prices – £12 per metre sq. or £140.00 per day which ever is worked out to be cheaper.

External rendering

Rendering is sand and cement mortar. The mortar is applied to the external walls both on the inside and outside of your property in two separate coats. The first is a base coat that is applied to the brickwork to level out the wall. The second coat is applied a minimum of 24 hours later and is worked to a smooth finish.

All of the walls on the inside of your property which are externally facing need to be rendered. This ensures you don’t get any dampness from the brickwork coming through to your inside walls as bricks do contain quite a bit of moisture.

The finish of render can either be a flat finish or with a design i.e. block work effect, pebble dashed

Prices – range from £300 - £1800. Price dependant on size of area and how much preparation is required before Rendering. This price is based on labour costs and does not including access towers or scaffolding.

Damp Ceiling and Wall Prevention & Treatment

Damp ceilings are a common occurrence in property where water has penetrated the ceiling from above. This can result from a leaking plumbing e.g. radiators or bathroom or shower which is not completely water tight.

It may even be a result of water coming in through your brickwork in your external walls, which is sometimes caused by cracked or damaged render on the outside or where the pointing (joints in between bricks) has failed. In this event of the walls must be treated with specialist damp proofing agents and then rendered with a further damp proof course within the render coat. Following this your walls are ready to be plastered moisture free.

With ceilings the size of damp patches determines how much of the ceiling needs replacing before a Re-skim. If the area is a small the section, it can be cut away from the rest of the ceiling and be replaced with plasterboard before a Re-skim. However, in some cases where the damp patch a larger area, it is better to replace the whole ceiling to ensure damp does come through to the new plastered ceiling.

When removing old plaster or ceilings we are able on request by the customer, to provide a dust barrier, so that the majority of the dust is kept within the area of work, so preventing the very fine traveling through the rest of the house.

Price – from £120. Price dependant on size of damp areas and how much preparation is required before plastering.

Partition Walls and Suspended Ceilings

Partition walls are used to divide a room into two separate rooms or areas.

This could be used for adding en-suites or even an office space to your home and so can add value to your property whilst making it more versatile.

Partition walls and suspended ceilings are well crafted and insulated to provide good efficiency in keeping the heat in as well as keeping the room well sound proofed.

People having new kitchens and bathrooms fitted often have a suspended ceiling fitted to install featured such as extractor fans and down lights.

Price – range between £800 - £2500. Price varies depending on whether it’s a ceiling or wall and the size of partition. It also depends on the materials in the existing panel before removal.


Tiling pretty much speaks for itself. After we have finished your plastering works, we can also tile the areas you require. There are a wide variety of tiles to choose from and various grouts to finish off your perfect kitchen or bathroom.

Price – range between £25 - £35 per metre sq. Price of tiles included.